What Have I Been Upto?

Posted June 11, 2022 by Jacob Sauni ‐ 2 min read


For starters, rebooting this blog for the nth time. In all seriousness, I’ve always wanted to redo this blog from scratch and document the process. So during the long weekend that’s what I started to do.

Since learning about static site generators way back when, I was keen. The simplicity and low maintenance of them was exactly what I was looking for, for a blog. I played with a few of the offerings out there and eventually settled on Hugo. There’s still a lot I have to (maybe need to) learn about Hugo but I’m hoping over time the more I’ll be able to share. Starting with how I got this blog up and running.

When I first created this blog, I hosted it in AWS. No real reason for choosing AWS other than that’s what I use at work so that’s what I was comfortable with. I initially created all the AWS resources via the AWS console (UI). I’ve since been learning Terraform and decided I’ll go back and retrofit all the blog AWS resources using Terraform. Wish me luck.

The previous iteration of this blog’s code was hosted in Bitbucket and used Bitbucket Pipelines to deploy the blog to AWS. Since then (probably ages ago now) Github have introduced private repositories and Github Actions. I’ve already moved the code for this blog to Github, but I’ll be looking to leverage Github Actions for the deployment.


Professionally I’ve recently been working with a lot of tech that I’ve never worked with before. Terraform, Docker, Helm, Kubernetes to name a few off the top of my head (there’s a lot and my memory’s average at best). A learning curve for sure but I’m really enjoying the change.

And that exhaust’s my writing stamina. Plus I don’t want this blog to feel like a chore. So I’m keen to keep my writing style casual af. But the goal is I’ll blog about all the above. The learnings, the gotchas and everything inbetween.

Until then, I need a break from VS Code.